Paper A-2

Build WebAudio and JavaScript Web Application using JSPatcher: A Web-based Visual Programming Editor

Shihong Ren (Université Jean Monnet)*; Laurent Pottier (CIEREC); Michel Buffa (Université Côte d’Azur, CNRS, INRIA, FRANCE)


Many visual programming languages (VPLs) such as Max or PureData provide a graphic canvas to allow developers to connect functions or data between them. This canvas, also known as a patcher, is basically a graph meant to be interpreted as dataflow computation by the system. Some VPLs are used for multimedia performance or content generation as the UI system is often an important part of the language. This paper presents a web-based VPL, JSPatcher, which allows not only to build audio graphs using the WebAudio API, but also to design graphically AudioWorklet DSPs with FAUST toolchain, or to create interactive programs with other language built-ins, Web APIs or any JavaScript modules.