Paper A-1

Challenges in the Development of an Easy-Accessed Mobile Phone Orchestra Platform

Anders Lind (Sounds like Lind)*; Björn Yttergren (Umeå); Håkan Gustafson (Studio With)


How can an easy-accessed Mobile Phone Orchestra (MPO)-platform be developed to facilitate high-end, flexible artistic expressions suitable for concert hall performances?. Moreover, What challenges and possibilities arises in the development process of a novel MPO-platform embracing school children as performers?. In this paper we discuss these questions, which were integrated in the development process of In particular, we highlight the main challenge of developing a performance platform which both is mobile and artistically rewarding, but still easy accessed for school children. is developed as a Web Audio API to enable large-scale concert hall performances of fixed polyphonic contemporary art music. A kind of philharmonic orchestra for electronic sounds, embracing school children as performers, using smart phones as instruments. Through an autoethnographic approach the research is carried out in multiple iterations, inspired by action research. In this paper we present findings from three iterations including performances of music involving MPO. School children/youths between ten- to seventeen years old were addressed as MPO-performers. The findings both reveal artistic challenges and possibilities with the platform. We specifically highlight the use of mobile music interfaces in combination with animated notation as a novel approach for a MPO-concept.